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How to Look Like a Men’s Fitness Magazine Cover Model – Men’s Workouts That Truly Work

How can we achieve a body (and face) just like that of a men’s fitness magazine cover model through workouts? If you’ve always wanted to really spruce up your look and look phenomenal in doing so, then continue reading further, because in this article we’ll reveal ways in which practically any man can beef up his regime and look fantastic in doing so!

We’ll take a look at some men’s workouts that really seem to do the trick, including the little known Hollywood “secret”, face exercises! Let’s first take a look at what’s really necessary to create an impact, a real lasting change within your body: First of all, you might need to lose weight in certain areas. Next, you will want to tone and sculpt some of your muscles, of course, not forgetting your facial muscles!

So how exactly does one do it ? How can you look more and more like a men’s fitness magazine cover model more and more each day?

You can start out with what’s known as interval cardio training. This is a insanely unique method for enhancing your resting metabolic rate and therefore increasing your fat loss, etc. You start out as you normally would any cardio workout. You start with your typical men’s workout by warming up for 5 or so minutes. Next step will be where the intervals come in. You quickly step it up a notch and really intensely go as hard as you safely possibly can for the next 1-2 minutes. Then after this is done, you go back to the normal pace of motion for another 1-2 minutes. Rinse and repeat until your entire workout is done. And that’s it! Now I must mention that you will want to do this for at least 20 minutes. Actually, 20 minutes is just the perfect combination!

Why? Simple. It works! In fact, it works so well that a 20 minute workout has just the amount of force as a slow, hours worth of hard sweat!

Next, you can do 200 sit-ups daily. Start with 50 regular crunches, followed by 50 oblique crunches on each side at 50 each also. You’ll want to finish up the ab exercises with 50 leg raises. These are great for the lower ab region.

With your diet, you should simply eat smaller, more frequent meals every 3-4 hours. What’s ideal to eat? How about lean proteins such as chicken, fish, meats, turkey, etc. Top off your meal with a large serving of vegetables and there you have it!

Your next step towards getting a men’s fitness magazine cover model looks would be with muscle/bodybuilding. Simply work out all the major muscle areas every other day and there you go. For instance, focus on day on your arms, chest and abs. Then the next day do your legs, etc.

Your next step would be to build the perfect face. How exactly is a guy to do this? That’s easy, through face and neck exercises! These men’s workouts can be performed virtually anywhere, even while driving!

With face exercises you can sculpt and define a chiseled jaw line, build up your cheekbones, re-define your chin and even help remove annoying double chin syndrome! What’s more, you can also help reduce under eye puffiness and bags from under the eyes!

So here you have it guys! With this short, brief outline, there is absolutely no way you can’t achieve that male models body you’ve always wanted and dreamed of! You owe it to yourself to achieve this ultimate “dream” body, so why not try your best to pull it off starting today!

Taking Care of Men’s Health

Men’s health is more of a concern than the other sex when looked in the light of contemporary life style. They tend to smoke and drink more than women so their bodies need more attention. Apart form the unhealthy lifestyle the stress is also major concern for men’s health. As some of them simply relate themselves to the work they do, the work burdens are commonly seen affecting their health the most.

A few health related problems are such that affect men alone as prostate cancer and low testosterone. Various health problems seen in men can be prevented or treated if caught at early stages like colon cancer or heart diseases. Screening tests come at rescue here. So, it becomes important for every man to go for regular screenings or clinical checkups. And this is the good news that these diseases can be cured as well as prevented.

Men should be well aware of various risk factors to avoid any health problems. Although there are a few genetic ones which can’t be avoided at all but many others are in your control. Consult your doctor on various issues to reduce risk factors. Ask that how frequent you should make him visits and what all are the screenings, vaccines and tests which you may need. This way you can take good care of your health and can fully be incharge of your health issues.

It has been seen that usually men do not take as much care of themselves as women do. Majority of them also die soon due to various health problems. They have been seen having the most unhealthy behavior and are less interested in taking preventive health measures. But if men start taking care of themselves they’ll surely lead longer and healthy lives.

Various symptoms that men should keep an eye on are:

- Check any change in bowl or bladder routine. If there is this is a clear indication of prostate or bladder problems. If you notice blood in urine, this may be an indication of kidney problem. And if you get up 4-5 times at night to go to toilet it can be a symptom of enlarged prostate which is commonly seen in men as they grow in age.
- If there is erectile dysfunction or impotence it can be due to some other health related problem. You may be facing diabetes, high blood pressure or may have clogged arteries. So, do not just let down and take it seriously as your body is suffering hugely.
- Do not leave unchecked if you are facing any of the health problems as continuous backaches, change in color of urine and stool, lumps on body, persistent cough, pains and headaches, chest pains, change in colors of warts and moles etc. Get yourself checked up by a doctor if you face any of these.
- Sudden gain or loss in weight should also not go ignored as it may be a symptom of some serious health problem.

If you identify any of the symptom in your body visit your doctor immediately. And make a habit of regular checkups for leading a healthy life.

Most Effective Weight Loss Supplements For Men

Originally a market solely inhabited by women – dieting – “for men” has recently found a voice where guys are beginning to open up to their weight problems and focus positively on stripping the fat.

One of these avenues for sharing common weight concerns is the Men’s Health Forum, now used by hundreds of thousands of guys, young and old, seeking help and sharing ideas on what techniques work and which are less successful.

One of the most common themes throughout the forum are what additional supplement pills really help speed up the weight loss process.

As guys like to use a different term to “diet”, as for some it implies femininity, men in-turn prefer the phrase “working out” as it suggests something much more long term and life changing.

Therefore, instead of just trying to lose that tummy flab, guys it seems are much more interested in transferring that body fat into body mass – by gaining a flatter stomach and improved strength in the upper body.

The most common way to do this is through strength training, as doing weights gives you a greater metabolic rate than aerobic exercises, as its your ability to burn the fat for longer periods which delivers weight loss.

The myth that some guys believe is that a 10km run will be a more effective weight loss strategy than one hour of weight training. Whilst you will burn while you run, once you stop, so does your metabolism whereas through a weight work out, muscles continue to burn well after you’ve finished due to the intensity which has been placed on the muscle.

Therefore, one way to assist your metabolic rate and lose weight faster is to take a fat burning supplement.

These come in many different strengths, but what the Men’s Health Forum has discovered are that its the most natural supplement with the highest anti-oxidant levels which deliver the safest and effective weight loss results.

Some fat burners do indeed offer side effects, normally due to the high caffeine concentrations, which if you just take them on there own without additional exercise, men tend to become a little edgy.

The most popular natural fat burner however currently receiving great “rep” on Men’s Health Forum this year is the anti-oxidant Acai Burn.

Voted the Number 1 Super-Food in the U.S, Acai is a powerful anti-oxidant which will deliver rapid weight loss results and provide the following natural attributes:

* A remarkable concentration of antioxidants that help combat premature aging, with 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine.

* A synergy of monounsaturated (healthy) fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health to assist in increased weight loss.

* An almost perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration.

What I Love About of Fat Burning Exercises For Men Over 40

There’s an interesting change in the American male once he gets to the age of 40. His genetic predispositions begin to make themselves more prominent in his life. The hairline, eyesight, fat deposits and a great many other changes in sensitive areas begin to show themselves.

Now for those of us who feel that its time to get back in shape and reclaim our former glory, we try to hold on to our eating patterns we had when we were younger and work out at the same intensity we did in our twenties. Very soon we realize how disastrous that idea is.

So what do we do to keep the creeping fat at bay and build valuable muscle to maintain maximum health and strength? Start with a bicycle or jump rope. If you have really been sedentary for a long while, start walking. See to you doctor and have a full exam. Get blood work done to determine your midlife issues. Once you know what you need to fix you will have an internal reason to stay motivated.

If you need to lose a lot of fat, forget the idea of lifting massive weights and bulking up. Get the fat stripped off first. That means circuit training, varied cardio workouts and a training diet. You’ll want to determine your level of fitness from the beginning in order to lay out your fat burning exercise routine. No two men are the same so you’ll want to craft your program based on your body type, your age and your fitness level.

If you want to play it safe while getting rapid results, try circuit training and Pilates as a great combination for fat burning. Circuit training allows you to build strength while employing a variety of exercises. You might do eight different exercises; one after the other, then repeat them several more times in succession.

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by German born Joseph Pilates. You’ll be focusing on the core postural muscles of the trunk and emphasizes breathing and alignment of the spine to strengthen the muscles of the torso. Pilates can be very challenging to the beginner and because it relies on your own body weight in most cases, you don’t risk weight related injuries.

These two routines are alternated five to six days a week. Start with your strength training on the first day and aerobics on the second. That will allow your muscles to loosen and stretch while you recover for the next round. Eat meals that are small enough to fit in your hand and stay away from processed foods that will compromise your training. Keep the meals balanced and stay consistent with your workout to achieve fat burning success.

Finally, in order to stay consistent you must continually reinforce your reasons for getting fit and trim. You’ve got to love the process of fat burning.

First, let me give you a few facts about your chest muscles and how they can affect you if you ignore them. Your posture is affected by your chest muscles. If the muscles are too tight from lack of exercise or stretching, you will have a definite “hunched” over look. That is not a pretty site. They need to be stretched. It is as easy as standing up straight, putting your arm bent against a wall, and pushing your shoulder towards the wall while holding yourself back with your arm. Do this on both sides and repeat a few times. This will loosen up your chest muscles allowing you stand up straight.

Secondly, if you stop lifting for a period of time, your chest muscles lose their definition first. They do not get a lot of stress in your lifting like other muscle groups do, therefore, they will start to lose their definition faster.

Another mistake you can make, while lifting, is to lift more than you are capable of too fast and can tear you chest muscles quite easily. This will slow up your progress because you will have to heal those muscles up before you continue with your lifting program.

Here are couple of ways to build those chest muscles slowly and progressively without injury. One method, and you always start slowly, is to do a series of push ups and chest dips,alternating between the 2, without resting. A chest dip is using parallel bars and basically doing a standing push up. You would do between 6-8 dips then 6-8 push ups. Then lower the number of dips and push ups by 1 or 2 until you end up with none left to do. No resting between. This will tire out the muscles and start building them up. Do these every other day. When you are comfortable, increase the number of each exercise that you do. You will see amazing results in no time.

This next type of chest workout involves 3 different sets of exercises with a day off in between. You do them just 3 times a week.

The first day you will do 2 sets of dips and 2 sets of push ups 12-20 reps in each set with a short resting period in between. Believe me, this will tire your chest muscles out. You can incorporate these 3 days of different exercises into your normal lifting routine.

On the second day you will need barbells and a workout bench that inclines also. You will do a barbell bench press. You lie on your back on the bench, feet flat on the floor, hold the barbell up, then bring down slowly to your chest, then lift back up slowly. You do the same position for the barbell incline lift except the bench is inclined up slightly. You decide what weight is comfortable to start with. Do NOT do too much weight too soon.

This is a marathon not a sprint. You will lift they weight you choose, 4-6 times from each position. Do 4 sets of each resting for a couple of minutes between each set of 4 or 6 lifts. You will feel the burn.

On the third day, you can do either other exercise from above again, or mix them up a bit and do a little of each one. Just 3 days a week is all you need. Do not do more than that.

There you have it. Some super exercises to help you grow your chest muscles and get that chiseled look the ladies love. I can not stress enough the importance of not over doing it at the start. Build slowly to avoid sore muscles and injury. your patience will be rewarded with a great looking chest before you know it.

How to Improve Your Health With Men’s Health Magazine

Who could have thought that there could be a men’s health magazine too. There has been a lot of focus on women’s health in the past that one can easily forget that men need some health advice too. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, a health magazine made especially for you might be the key to making a better man.

Your Magazine Need

Why do men even need to pore over a health magazine? The answer should be obvious. Men have bodies and minds that need to be cared for too. Men can’t just rely on the advice provided by general health magazines or magazines for women. This is simply because there are differences between men and women. This is despite the fact that women have proven themselves equal to men in a lot of ways. Men’s bodies and minds just don’t always tick in the same way as women’s bodies.

One can therefore conclude that a typical magazine for females may not hold the secrets to unlocking male health issues. Men need advice that is tailor-suited to their needs.

What You Can Find

There are a variety of publications that offer advice on male health. The most basic publications however simply focus on such topics as fitness training and nutrition. As most of us already know though, these are not the only components of a man. Like women, men are complex beings too. Striving to achieve total health takes more than just knowing the right diet and exercise regimen.

This is why men’s health magazine publications now know better than to take a simplified approach. Instead of just shelling out tips on exercises and diet components, they also need to provide data on such topics as make disease detection, mental health, sex and lifestyle types. Other magazines offer an even broader view through topics focusing on fashion and technology.

Making Your Choice

With the many magazine options available, how do you know which one to get? If you could help it, you would want to get a subscription for a publication that works for you the first time. You don’t want to experiment on magazine subscriptions simply because it can become a great big waste of money. You can find the right magazine for you by looking for an underlying theme that fits your interests and concerns. Even with a variety of topics in each publication, most magazines have their individual themes.

Of course, you can always rely on recommendations from friends to lead you the magazine that can help change your life. You can also find some online recommendations from reader reviews and testimonials.

Fitness Routines For Men & Women – The Differences

Fitness routines for men and women can have similarities but there are differences in how these exercise routines are structured. These differences are dictated by the genetic makeup of men and women, what they want to accomplish in the gym, and their ultimate goals in working out. This article will discuss some of these differences.

So what motivates men and women to work out? Is it strictly for health benefits? Is it for vanity (they just want to look good)? Is it so they can get bigger and stronger with ripped abs and bulging biceps? Is it so they can attract the sexy looking guys or gals? Everyone has their own reasons that will keep them motivated to keep coming back to the gym. Here are some general considerations:

Women exercise primarily because they want to improve the way they look so they can feel more attractive to themselves and to others. Women in general have less muscle mass and a higher percentage of bodyfat than men. Because of this a well designed fitness routine for women will emphasize more on toning and burning bodyfat. Certainly there are some women that can stand toe to toe with any man in the gym – and that’s fine – in general though most women aren’t looking to bulk up. They want to slim down and get shapely.

In contrast many men workout to get stronger and to bulk up. Their fitness routines are often centered around how much they can bench press, squat or deadlift. They strive for thick, powerful looking muscles. If they can attain a ripped and lean appearance as well then that is just icing on the cake. Obviously men can bulk up more significantly that a woman can simply because of genetics.

Fitness routines for men and for women can vary on average but the expected outcome is similar between the sexes. They want to look and feel better about themselves after working out. It doesn’t matter if the reasons are for health or for vanity. Whatever motivates you to continue is what you should stick with.

Big Sizes for Men Fit and Flatter Without a Tailor

It used to be that men who wore bigger sizes were subjected to regular visits to the tailor, and buying a suit off the rack was unheard of. Stores that carried larger sizes were few and far between and their selection was often sub-par and significantly more expensive than similar items in smaller sizes, simply because of their rarity. Today, larger men who know where to shop online can build a fashionable wardrobe of flattering and attractive clothes that fit and make them feel great every day of the week.

Men looking to build a menswear wardrobe of stylish clothing in larger sizes have a myriad of options from purveyors across the globe. A simple online search for “big man clothing” or “large menswear” will yield countless results, yet not all are equal. Some online stores for larger men’s clothing do not have the special needs of bigger men in mind, and simply mass produce styles in multiple sizes in hopes of winning your online shopping dollar. Knowing what to look for in a men’s clothing retailer, both online and in stores, can make shopping decision quicker and easier and result in a wardrobe that will provide years of enjoyment.

Finding the right menswear store for men of any size can help a man enjoy one-stop shopping, which can save time and money, especially when shipping costs are involved. For larger men, finding that store is a little more difficult, but worth the effort. The secret to finding that perfect “fit” is to browse the selections of many retailers and rank the appeal of their apparel overall. Sure, one store might carry a great golf shirt, but another might carry an entire ensemble that fits well and looks great, and shipping savings can be significant on larger orders. Once you find a retailer you like, you can trust them to supply staple garments and also seasonal and special occasion items that work with your current wardrobe. In addition, finding a favorite designer that understands the fit needs of larger men can take the guesswork out of finding the right fit.

Though a tailor is still useful for big sizes for men if a favorite shirt could do with a bit of a shorter sleeve, or if a pair of trousers needs a new hem. However, overall, larger men can now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of shopping at specialist stores online, rather than going to a tailor. Buying off the rack is now a privilege enjoyed by men of every size, and today’s larger man can now build a wardrobe full of things he loves to wear without extra time, cost, or an appointment at the tailor shop.

Young Men’s Health

What’s the difference between men and women’s health?

One of the biggest differences is that young men (and older men too!) are more likely to ignore the signs of ill-health and delay an appointment at the doctor, the dentist or the optician. Young women are not so reluctant. So, why are young men like this?

According to health workers one of the main reasons is because they take greater risks with their health. This doesn’t just mean driving fast cars, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or engaging in dangerous sports. It includes ignoring natural health warnings. Men tend to leave things until their health has deteriorated whereas women seem to seek advice more quickly. Statistics show that on average, men die seven years younger than women and that men are far more likely to commit suicide than young women.

So, why are young men like this?

According to health workers one of the main reasons is because they take greater risks with their health. This doesn’t just mean driving fast cars, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or engaging in dangerous sports. It includes ignoring natural health warnings. Men tend to leave things until their health has deteriorated whereas women seem to seek advice more quickly. Statistics show that on average, men die seven years younger than women and that young men are far more likely to commit suicide than young women.

Young men have worries too

A recent survey called Leading Lads reports on what’s really going on for 1,400 young men across the UK. It has highlighted 10 key areas that lads worry about. these include; schoolwork and exams, money, their looks, relationships outside the family, conflict at home, job hunting, failure at sport, sexual performance feeling powerless and being followed or attacked. The survey also found that boys felt they weren’t listened to and that their confidence drops dramatically around the age of 19.

Leading Lads shows how adults can help to increase men’s self esteem, how to deal with families and other relationships and how to make them feel more in control of their lives.

Want Total Fitness and Fat Loss? Try Cross Training

When people think of fitness and fat they usually don’t think of these things correctly. Especially the fat part of the equation. You can have your weight just about perfect for your height, but that doesn’t mean you are fit and not fat. It is the fat content of your weight that decides that. You might have 20% body fat and less muscle. This means you are overweight. I will tell you how cross training can reverse those numbers.

Now, some fat is needed for your body. It protects vital organs, insulation for you when it is cold out, and can be burned by your body for energy when needed. So, a bit of fat is good. An excess amount of fat is very bad and can lead to many problems. Excess fat has been linked to diabetes (along with a bad diet), gout, high blood pressure, gallbladder issues, and worst of all, coronary artery disease and clogged arteries. This will lead to a major heart attack down the road.

One way to avoid excess fat is with a good diet, of course. Plenty of raw fruits and lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, fish, and lower fat content beef. You need the calories, in your diet, to burn for energy. As you get older you need a lesser amount of calories to function unless you are cross training or working out a lot. A rule of thumb is for every 3500 calories you take in, unless you burn it off, is worth a pound of fat. A Big Mac is almost a thousand calories. It won’t take long to go way past 3500.

The only way to keep those pounds off is either to eat like a bird or exercise and workout to burn them. The more exercise, the more you can eat what you like. Exercise does not have to be this hard, painful, and sweaty experience. If you workout this way, you will not keep it up. It won’t be fun and you will quit.

The answer to this exercise issue is cross training. It help keep exercise time fresh and not boring. It keeps you interested and having fun. You add some cross training exercises to your normal workout to keep it a bit diverse and fresh. If you are a lifter, cross training will help save on your muscles and possible muscle damage or injury by having you do something different and fun besides lifting weights.

The 3 most common cross training activities that people choose are swimming,brisk walking or jogging, and bicycling. I choose bike riding because I enjoy it, I can cover and see a lot of new territory, and it is low impact on the knee joints. To start, whatever one or ones you choose, you start at a certain distance and then extend that out as you get in better shape.

Cross training, like cardio training, builds up your endurance, your lungs, works your heart and makes it stronger, keeps the cholesterol out of your arteries, and it burns tons of calories.

After I ride, I treat myself to an ice cream or a couple of beers. I don’t worry about the calories. Here are the 3 main benefits of cross training:

1. Increases your endurance,beneficial to your heart and lungs and arteries. It is also said that it increases your relaxation level lowering blood pressure too.

2. The muscles you do use depending on the form of cross training you do, strengthens them also. Gives you more definition of your muscles and helps you to lose fat and get leaner.

3. All the different methods of cross training are very low impact on your joints. They will cause very little if any aches, pains, or injuries.

In conclusion,cross training has so many benefits and no drawbacks at all. I incorporated it into my exercise routine and enjoy it quite a bit. I think you would also.