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Men’s Fitness: How to Add Muscle

Anytime that you visit a forum that focuses on men’s fitness one of the most commonly asked questions is how to add more muscle? People who ask this seem to be under the impression that there is some secret formula that will allow them to quickly and easily pack on the pounds. In reality this is not the case, there is no secret, the only thing that you have to do if you want more muscle is to lift heavy weights.

Adding muscle is not nearly as complicated as people make it out to be. Muscle grows because it is forced to handle more work than it is used to, if you want big muscles you have to lift more weight than you did in the past. This is why it is so critical that every time you workout you try to increase the amount of weight that you are using. Obviously you won’t be able to do this every time but it is something that you should be aiming for. If you find that you are stuck using the same weight for several workouts in a row and you can’t handle a heavier weight it is time to change your routine.

As you work out you will find that your muscles get used to doing the same workout over and over again. When this happens they don’t grow as quickly as they do when you first start a routine. This is why it is so important that you change your routine on a regular basis. If you continue to use the same routine you will hit a plateau and find that you are not adding any additional muscle. That being said you don’t want to change your routine too often, this makes it hard to progressively add weight. How frequently it is necessary to make the change will vary from one person to the next but in general every two months is probably ideal.

One other thing that you have to keep in mind when you are trying to add muscle is the need to use compound movements. This is necessary both for adding muscle and fitness in general. Compound movements are the ones that involve the use of more than one joint. This would include things like squats and pull ups. The advantage of compound movements is that they require the use of more muscles and they allow you to lift heavier weights, which is the key to adding muscle.

Best Fitness Tips For Men

Being fit is important to boost your self esteem and self confidence. It also makes you more attractive and appealing. A fit and sexy body will also help you get away with deadly diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. You must take care of yourself all the time. There are some tips that men should know in order to be fit and healthy.


Before you begin exercising or executing your fitness activities, you must plan for it first. You must make your goals specific, measurable, realistic, attainable and time bound. It will be very good for you to write these goals so that you will know which step you must make.


Men must keep their mind positive and hopeful. You must get away with negative thoughts. Always remember that your mind can dictate your body so keep positive thoughts so that you will see positive effects in your body. You must think about positive things so that you will feel motivated all the time.


Men like you are expected to have strong muscles for physical tasks. Strong muscles can help you carry out the tasks assigned to you. It can also protect the vital organs in your body. Always remember that strong and well shaped muscles will make you feel good. It can also affect your mind condition.


Regular exercise will keep your body active and energetic. It will help you increase your endurance and resistance to stress. You can also join sports activities to maintain your physical activity. Swimming, bicycling and basketball are some of the best choices.


You can join group fitness classes to keep your physical activity active and to meet new people. Aerobics class is good. Group classes is advantageous because you will find support and encouragement from the group. It will help you to have deep motivation to continue the activity.


Most men enjoy extreme sports and mountain biking is one good choice for you. It will keep you fit and healthy. In mountain biking you will be able to see lots of splendid views and you can keep in touch with nature. You will surely feel refreshed and rejuvenated all the time.


Yoga is known to be good in keeping your mind and body healthy and relaxed. It is one good way to escape from your busy lifestyle. It helps you achieve proper breathing and habits. Also it can keep you calm and peaceful all the time.

Most men want to have a fit and healthy body. It will make you attractive and sexy. There are some things that you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy. You just need to choose what you prefer the most.

Optimum Men’s Health and Fitness Guide – The Ultimate Men’s Fitness Tips

Finding the perfect balance of mens health and fitness is a daunting task these days. There are so many so called “fitness experts” telling you one thing, while the others tell you differently. So what men’s fitness tips are really proven to enhance a man’s life?

Let’s take a look at some of the major issues and how to best tackle them.


So much crap comes out daily on this subject. The worse products are usually savvy marketed diet pills that promise so many results and almost ALWAYS under-deliver!

So what’s really the best recommendations for weight loss? I’ll cut right to chase here since I’m not one to sugar-coat stuff. The best way to lose weight successfully and keep it off is to get your lazy butt up and do something! Anything!! Just do whatever your able of doing.

Humans are inherently lazy and this often makes them gain weight with each passing chronological year that goes by. The best mens health and fitness ideals come from physical activity. I’m not saying it has to be hard work.

In fact, it’s not hard work at all when you make men’s fitness a lifestyle and not a chore.

I would highly recommend interval cardio training for 20-30 minutes, 3-5 days a week. That’s only about 3% of your entire day! Your seriously gonna tell me you can’t devote 3% of your day to your health and fitness goals?

It doesn’t have to be 20 minutes, 5 days a week off the bat. Just start slowly,take baby steps, you’ll get there eventually. If you value your life at all, you should equally value good health. These weight loss fitness tips are not that hard to follow and you will get used to them,like everything else in life.


As a rule of thumb, I like to go by lifting weights to build muscle every other day. And usually your entire muscle building routine can be done in about 20 minutes. Allowing one day’s rest in between allows your body and muscles to recuperate. Weight training is a huge part of optimal mens health and fitness.

No time to get to a gym? Invest in a home gym unit! I highly recommend a Bowflex home gym unit or a Total Gym. A Bowflex is ideal for ultimate muscle building while the Total Gym is ideal for toning up the entire body and building modest muscle mass.

Not to mention they are both incredibly easy to use. Having a home gym in your house saves you gas and aggravation of driving in traffic to and from the gym also!

You see guys, men’s fitness does NOT have to be hard or difficult.

So now that you’ve got a slim and almost-perfect body, where do we go from here?


To complete the ultimate mens health and fitness plan, I’d highly recommend face exercises for men. Why? Because most often,regular exercise and weight training won’t exactly build chiseled facial features. While building muscle will define your chest and shoulder area, it won’t target your face and neck muscles effectively.

What can be achieved through these exercises? How about a chiseled jawline, enhanced cheekbones, elimination of under eye bags and double chin? Not to mention the burst of confidence that will come from your new look. Just imagine what can come from a quick blast of fresh new-found confidence.

The nice thing about face exercises is that the results are super quick!

They only take up about 15 minutes of your day and can be done sitting in traffic, on a plane or practically anywhere! There’s over 50 muscles in the face and it would be naive to think that we couldn’t also manipulate these muscles and sculpt and define them for enhanced facial features without plastic surgery!

Top 5 Essential Supplements For Fitness Workouts

There is always the age old argument of whether supplements are truly necessary as part of any fitness routines. It is important to get your basic nutrition as close to perfect as you can before considering any supplements. very few people have a diet that is varied and consistent enough to give you all the vitamins and minerals you need. In this fast paced world, it is hard to be “nutritionally correct” every day. So I conclude that some supplemental help is needed, especially for beginners.

The next question could be “are supplements safe’? The short answer is yes as long as they are “dietary” supplements which are basically food. I would never propose or condone anybody taking illegal or dangerous supplements such as steroids or banned and diet pills.

Also, to clarify, whole foods are better for getting your vitamin and mineral needs than a pill, but it isn’t always possible to do that. Again,I am a proponent of food supplements. Getting the right vitamins and minerals is critical to your fitness workouts. Without them, you are, basically, almost wasting your time and energy. Here we go with the critical supplements:

1. Multi Vitamins: Duh These will specifically cover any lack in your diet. Get a very good name brand such as One-A-Day or whatever. The best part of a multi vitamin is it will fill any hole in your diet.

2. Glutamine which is an amino acid. Foods that Glutamine are found in are beans, cabbage, spinach(yuk), milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, beef, and more. Glutamine is obviously easy to get from foods but are you getting enough? Glutamine is chiefly responsible for strength and stamina in your body and gets depleted quite a bit during a workout. You NEED to get the levels back up.

3. Protein – Specifically whey protein. Whey protein is the best protein because it absorbs the fastest in the body. It can be found in chicken breast, egg whites,milk, some breads, ice cream, etc. You would have to eat an awful lot of these foods to keep your protein up for workouts. This is probably the one supplement that makes the MOST sense to take.

4. Fish oil – This is a major source of fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential in any fitness program. I take fish oil because I can’t stand to eat fish. I have no choice but to take fish oil capsules.

5. Creatine – Creatine is a big help in your bodies recovery from a workout. It is also very beneficial for endurance. This can help you do longer and stronger workouts. Note: Creatine is not steroids like some people commonly believe. Creatine is found mostly in red meats, some fish like tuna or sushi(double yuk), and in lesser amounts, milk and some berries.

Men Over 40 Must Avoid Fitness Overtraining – Here’s How

If you are proud of your body after several decades of getting fit and staying fit, you know how important it is to stay on top of your workout routine. If you are just trying to get back into shape after years of neglect, it even more important to watch your workout routine carefully and not overdo the exercises.

I feel proud of the soreness in my muscles when I get up the next day from a really good workout, but there are times when the words echoed in the high school gym “no pain, no gain” should be ignored. There are too many weekend warriors in their 40′s and 50′s who get injured because they over estimate their abilities.

If you are just getting back into the gym or just getting older, here are a few signs to watch out for when training:
If you find that you are getting headaches, loss of appetite, fatigue or unexpected weakness the day after your workout, take a break and do light stretches and go for a short walk. If you are scheduled to workout that day, go in and get on the treadmill and avoid the weights. Take a pain reliever and drink plenty of water.

Get a full night’s sleep and observe your condition the following day. If your morning pulse is elevated, you have definitely over trained and will need to rest completely. If you are still getting headaches, or unexpected weakness, continue to perform light stretches and walking in order to stimulate your body but not over tax it.

Many advanced body builders intensely work only one or two body parts a week. They will have a chest and triceps day, a shoulders and calves day and so on. They work a major body part in conjunction with a smaller muscle group. This allows them to go at it intensely and still train the next day.

If you find that your normal training routine is still causing fatigue, see your physician and get a full exam. Many men in their 40′s and 50′s over estimate their physical abilities when starting a new training program but if you have been working out for a long time and are now experiencing these symptoms, you will need to stop for a while, get plenty of rest and see your doctor if the condition persists past a week.

Weighing in on Propecia and Other Men’s Health Products

In this article we’ll take a look at propecia and other mens health products on the market today. We’ll also establish how to get in excellent shape using specific fitness programs. Propecia has steadily become the staple in mens health products for combating hair loss. It has a proven track record and has been shown to be effective in over 90% of men taking it. This medication also makes your hair healthier-looking overall.

So what other products can men use to get better hair and win the hair loss battle? First of all, you should know that there are only less than a handful of products that will actually work for hair loss. Out of these, hair transplant surgery is included also. In fact, hair transplant surgery is the best option for this condition, hands down. So besides propecia and other mens health products, which tools REALLY work to grow hair back?

The HairMax Lasercomb is an innovative new product that just came out 2 years back. It uses lasers to help regrow hair. It works in over 80% of men and normally grows back at least 10% hair density. This is the norm. 10% might not seem like a lot, but in actuality, when you think of it, it really is! That is just the bare minimum. If you are lucky you will get even more hair density back.

Flaxseed oil has also proven to be a great supplement to take for hair loss. Saw palmetto extract is touted as the “natural” propecia.

There tons of other fitness programs out there to help you get in tip-top shape, whether physically or mentally. To get a really great body, combining high intensity interval cardio training 3-5 times a week for at least 20 minutes, along with weight training every other day really works wonders.

To get a great body you must really get into the “fit mindframe”. Getting a great body is really not as hard as one might think. So what else can you do to get in prime shape? For non-surgical enhancement of the face you can perform face exercises, which sculpt and tone all major areas such as the jaw line.

So what about penis enlargement? Does it really work? First of all, there are no pills or any gadgets that will make your penis bigger. The only way to enlarge the penis is by penis exercises called “jelqing”.

In 3 months it is not uncommon to see gains of approximately 1 inch in length and the same in girth. But this is from daily dedicated training for at least 20 minutes.

You see, you can fully work out any part of your body, just as you do with weight training. It’s quite possible to look your best using certain fitness programs for your mind and body. Your body can be tweaked to your liking, you just gotta know how to tweak it properly and look your best doing it!

Solutions to Men’s Health Issues

Men’s health issues are pretty much the same everywhere in the developed world.

Men are often reluctant to visit a health professional so they may miss out on chances to improve their health and prevent illness.
Delaying seeking medical advice can sometimes turn a relatively minor health problem into a more serious concern.
Men get much less active encouragement to use health services than women. Some health centres offer men’s-specific health checks, but there could be many more of them.
In a survey of GPs, men had fewer tests and investigations, received less health advice than women, and therefore have less chance to build a relationship with their doctor or nurse.
Men can find it hard to talk about physical discomfort or emotional distress.
Research shows that men don’t live as long as women and are more at risk of accidents, injuries, suicide and some illnesses.
Statistically, men of lower socio-economic status, and men who live alone, have more health problems.
Men have fewer years free from disability and poor health.
Not to mention the statistics on smoking, drinking and obesity.

What can we do about these issues?

Clearly men don’t like being told what to do, particularly about men’s health issues. And the current prescriptive climate amongst medical practitioners needs to be recognised as a contributing factor to the reluctance for men to seek medical advice.

Why visit a doctor who has only 15 minutes to spend with you, nowhere near long enough to start talking about the real issues, when past experience tells us that all we’ll get is a prescription to ease the symptoms.

Given that many men ignore their health issues in the hope they will go away and they tend to avoid treatment for fear of what they might learn or have to go through, what are the alternatives?

Most organisations set up to target men’s health issues suggest something similar to this three-point plan for men’s health:

Have a health check now – it may help prevent problems later
Take action to stay healthy – eat well and exercise regularly
Get early help with any problem – it will make you feel better.

But many men feel that this is just more of the same.

Two Real Alternatives

There are real alternatives to dealing with men’s health issues, one based on the spirit and the other anchored in the body. And they can be used together.

Alternative 1: Disease is not material in origin

Dr Edward Bach, the man behind the Bach Flower Remedies, determined that:

Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material.

This sentence alone has profound consequences, particularly as he goes on to say…

What we know as disease is an ultimate result produced in the body, the end product of deep and long acting forces, and even if material treatment alone is apparently successful this is nothing more than a temporary relief unless the real cause has been removed.

The modern trend of medical science, by misinterpreting the true nature of disease and concentrating it in materialistic terms in the physical body, has enormously increased its power, firstly, by distracting the thoughts of people from its true origin and hence from the effective method of attack, and secondly, by localising it in the body, thus obscuring true hope of recovery and raising a mighty disease complex of fear, which should never have existed. (my emphasis)

And this was written in 1931!

Alternative 2: Detoxification of the body

The second alternative is more recent. And it rests on the increasing evidence that physical disease is anchored in the toxins we absorb from our environment. And city living is definitely a toxic environment!

While this second path is a version of the material treatment mentioned above, it does have the benefit of taking a more holistic view than most modern medical practitioners. Rather than focussing on the symptom, there is a strong element of addressing the cause.

The rationale is that by ridding the body of toxins, the opportunity for disease to find an anchor is reduced. The side effect of this is greater vitality, weight loss and more energy.

Take a holistic approach to men’s health issues and use them together!

A homeopathic treatment takes time and results are not immediately apparent, which really doesn’t suit our modern urge for instant gratification.

By using the two approaches together, you can address men’s health issues with both a short term ,”I want to see results”, mentality and a longer term, “I want to address the true origin of this disease”.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat For Men – High Intensity Interval Training Explained

HIIT Exercise – The Best And Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Losing weight is a daunting task especially if you don’t have the extra time to put into this process. The thing that I am about to explain is something called HIIT. Many who tried this can attest to the efficiency of this training. This is one of the best ways for men to lose the spare tire.

High Intensity Interval Training also known as “HIIT” training is a real hit in the fitness world, even before formally introduced as an exercise form for the common people. HIIT exercise demands high endurance and this means that you need to assess your health to make sure you are compatible with this exercise form. People who have heart conditions or very obese are not qualified for this routine. But don’t worry, there are other things that you should start with!

Understanding the essentials of a HIIT routine.

To begin with a HIIT routine, it is important to focus on the task at hand. Prepare yourself for a hard workout session by setting your goal. Since HIIT training involves alternative periods of intensity ranging from low to high, it is important to know how far can you go. In doing so, set your goal low the first time you try to increase the intensity when you know how your body reacts. If you have a heart rate monitor it will be easier to determine your target heart rate if you prefer to use the zone list below. HIIT routine involves 3 important zones; warm up zone, recovery zone and interval zone. You need to target your intensity using these three zones:

Warm up zone – 65 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate
Recovery zone – 80 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate
Interval zone – 86 to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate

Step 1. Determine your maximum heart rate using the formula: 220 minus age. If you are 40 years old, your maximum heart rate would be 180 (220-40).

Step 2. Using your maximum heart rate, determine your target zones on the percentage indicated above. If your maximum heart rate is 180, your warm up zone should not set below 117 (180 multiplied by 65%); your recovery zone should be between 144 (180 x 80%) to153 (180x 85%) and your interval ratio shall range between 154.8 (180 x 86%) to 162 (180 x 90%).

Invest in cardio machines and other gadgets. Decide whether you are going to have your HIIT exercise at your own home or in a gym. The advantage of using the gym is that you have really good equipment and some machines probably have heart rate monitors built-in so that you don’t have to invest in a heart rate monitor yourself.

I prefer working out at home because of the time efficiency. If you have a treadmill or stationary bike you can use them. Or you can do some extensive outdoor exercise like running, jogging, sprints and the such. You can get some inspiration from my vacation exercise routine if you’d like.

How to succeed?

To succeed with this type of workout you need to be stubborn and really push your limits. If you want to begin with this workout follow these 2 basic guidelines, START SIMPLE and PUSH HARD.

Start simple by knowing your limits. Choose an activity that fits you. If you have problems with your knees perhaps running is out of the question. Try cycling or any other machine that is good for you!

Pushing hard means reaching to a level where your sweat really drips from your body and you think that you can’t go on any further. Do not save your energy for the next interval, do your 90 % maximum as though the next seconds will be impossible for you to get back (which is actually the case, they won’t come back).

As a final note I should remind you to drink water. When I do a HIIT workout I drink at least 2 liters of water. Maybe that’s too much but do keep hydrated during the workout.

Mens Health and Fitness – Why You Must Get Off Your Backside and Get Back in Shape

Although the United States is one of the most technologically advanced and industrialized nations in the world, it has fallen into a severe lag behind other countries when it comes to mens fitness and health. You may be interested (and surprised) to learn that in the United States more men are overweight than in any other country in the world. Part of the problem may be the focus of American society on working to achieve that American dream rather than take any time to spend with your friends, family, or even yourself. The most important time of the day is “me time” in which many people take a few moments to relax, or to engage in exercise.

Another problem with American men is the level of stress that many of them live under in today’s society. In an up and down economy it can sometimes be difficult to make ends meet, especially if there’s a family involved that must be supported. Rather than exercise or trying other methods of relaxation, many American men find solace by eating too much. The term “too much” is an understatement for some guys, especially with all of the fast food joints available, buffets on every corner and the constant television commercials pounding the term “drive through now open until 1:00 AM” into their minds.

Even though America has the highest number of overweight men than any other country, there is still time to do something about it. It is really never too late to take initiative over your physical fitness and health. There are so many options available to help boost and maintain men’s fitness that it is quite easy, with the right motivation and fitness program, for men to lose weight and get back into shape. Some of the weight loss and fitness options available to men include joining a gym or one of the many health clubs available, investing in some home gym equipment, reading up on physical fitness articles and magazines, or even subscribing to a good workout plan. The possibilities are virtually limitless and it just depends on what works best for the individual.

Burn Fat Diets Designed to Improve Mens Health

Overweight men are less inclined to follow burn fat diets than their women counterparts. More often than not, they will only do it if their health is on the line. When it comes to choosing a diet program, the male species should always look at mens health as their primary goal. They might also appreciate the fact that adopting a diet program can also lead to shedding that unsightly belly fat.

As far as burn fat diets go, a well planned low-calorie diet is the best option if the goal is to improve overall mens health and achieve permanent weight loss. After only two weeks on a low calorie diet, men will begin to feel the dramatic effects of reduced craving for fatty or sugary foods.

Knowing that men need to switch to diets that promote fat burning to stay healthy is half the battle won. The other half has a lot to do with the person needing the diet. If you want to be healthy, you need to start thinking along the lines of healthy foods and beverages.

Try to set your priorities around the goal of losing weight to get healthy. Turn everything you do into a step towards better health. There are as many varieties of fat burning diets as there are types of overweight men. This is a situation where the one-size-fits-all principle does not work.

Take pains in ensuring that your diet does not feel like a prison sentence, so design it in such a way that you are still eating the food you love only with a few tweaks here and there. Learn to count the calories and accept that you need to keep it under control, which basically means cutting down on your food intake.

Fortunately, you can go online to create your own personal low calorie diet or you can always go to a nutritionist or dietician to seek help in customizing your diet program. You also need to learn the basics of healthy eating by staying away from saturated fats and sodium.

Fruits and vegetables are your best friends when you diet. Also, load up on fibers because they can make you feel full, thereby reducing your craving for food. Switch to frequent eating habits with smaller servings instead of the three full meals a day as this will work to increase your metabolism.

If you cannot give up alcohol, then you should know that it upsets all types of burn fat diets. Alcohol has no nutritive value whatsoever, but it has very high calorie content. To get the point across, understand this; if you drink a glass of regular Martini daily, you will gain around 16 pounds of body fat in a year.